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Space Pens

4 Jan

Pop-quiz, hot shot. What item allows you to write:

  • upside down?
  • at any angle?
  • in crazy temperatures (both cold and hot)?

If you said a pencil, then you’re just being a smart-ass. It’s the Space Pen, of course.

Did I mention this thing writes underwater too?

Underwater Test

There were once nasty rumors floating around that the Space Pen cost American taxpayers millions of dollars in the development of this technology for NASA. But that’s simply not the case. We used those millions to help pay off some of the more famous Presidential mistresses of the time instead. I’m looking at you JFK.

The reality of the situation is that the Space Pen is amazing. Like Astronaut Ice Cream before it, the Space Pen has revolutionized how private companies profit from the exploration of our universe. Plus, the freaking thing was featured in the plot of an episode of Seinfeld. And that show was bigger than The Beatles.

“Take the pen!”