Why Is This Happening?

Because there are so many cooler things in this world than toothpaste.

Toothpaste is insanely boring. Like, on a scale of 1-10…it’s a -4,000,000. Or maybe even a more realistic number like 1. Either way, it’s not something that you should spend even one more second of your precious, fragile little life thinking about.

But there are things in this world that you have to put on your bucket list (or whatever) if you want to be able to say you actually lived by the time you get to hell. Some of them you might already be familiar with. Some not. Just make sure you pay attention because this is the stuff they should have been teaching you in school all along.

I mean, don’t think I didn’t try to bring these things up before. But you weren’t paying attention. Probably because you were too busy staring at that blonde sitting across from you at Starbucks or checking your Twitter or being an ass. But its not too late for you. Read on and learn what you’ve always wanted to know about the things you kind of already knew.

– The Management


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